Envision Strategies Resources

Consultant Support

Since 1997, Envision Strategies has been recognized as a premier consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and operations consulting for foodservice and hospitality organizations.


  • We are experts in the business of foodservice and hospitality; as such, we help our clients see the possibilities, position for the future, drive revenue, and save cost.
  • Over twenty years of sophisticated market research gives us a deep and cross-generational understanding of customer preferences and buying behavior.
  • Our cross-market project portfolio puts us on the forefront of industry trends – We are trend leaders not followers.
  • We are adept at navigating politically complex environments and forging consensus around innovative solutions.
  • We are committed to making meaningful contributions to our clients and our industry.

Implementation & Training

In addition to providing a comprehensive training on the Audit App and DataView Dashboard, the e360 consultant will work with you on a detailed roadmap that outlines all the deliverables you need to complete as part of the implementation process. This includes confirmation and setup of the following within the member’s account: 

  • Users & Auditors 
  • Dining Locations  
  • Notification Preferences  
  • enForm Survey  
  • Performance Indicators 

We will also provide tips to boost participation and compliance to help you get the most out of the e360 program… and your own dining program!


Besides the Monthly Performance Summary Reports, the e360 program is fully consultant supported. This means that there will be periodic check-ins and ongoing technical support by any of our experienced Envision Strategies consultants, including being available if there is a need for strategic solutions relative to the data collected. The consultants are using e360 to leverage technology to place valuable data into the hands of members to maximize time and ensure high satisfaction.

RoundTables & Webinars

On a periodic basis, Envision Strategies rotates between facilitating Peer Roundtables and Professional Development Webinars, both of which members will be invited to participate in.

Resource Library

Members have access to a dedicated Resource Library with materials to help foster continuous improvement. This includes video tutorials, enForm survey templates, a Performance Scorecard, a Business Review template and more.