e360 Performance Measurement


enForm delivers real-time customer feedback using simple, customizable surveys accessible via QR codes. Surveys utilize a 5-star rating system, allowing for quick and easy feedback, along with comment, photo and follow-up request capabilities. Survey results rollup to the DataView Dashboard, with the ability to drill down on specific date ranges, locations, and comment keywords. If follow-up is requested, appropriate user(s) are notified and are able to respond back directly from the Dashboard as an email or SMS message. This feature of e360 allows you to effortlessly analyze performance and satisfaction program-wide.

The subscription includes:

  • Envision-developed survey templates for guidance
  • Survey development & setup assistance
  • Development of a QR code & guidance in creating a landing page on your website


Easily Accessible

Easy for guests to scan a QR code to provide their feedback. No other steps necessary.

Customized feedback

Capture feedback across all points of service.

Five-Star Rating System

Surveys use a 5-star rating system with ability to enter individual comments for each question.