e360 Performance Measurement

Audit App

The Audit App collects real-time food, service and operations feedback in a simple and quick assessment of your dining locations from the palm of your hand.

Envision Strategies designed these audits based on years of consultant experience and insight relative to dining experience and program execution. The app uses simple , X , and N/A ratings for each subcategory, along with comment and photo capability.

After an audit or enForm survey is completed, a report can be emailed and/or texted to location-specific individuals. Any audits or surveys below threshold (85% is our standard, though this can be edited) will say “action required” and allow the recipient to review feedback and, when applicable, update the status to “acknowledged/resolved” or “no action required.”  This can also be managed in the DataView Dashboard for those who have access. All audit and enForm results are instantly accessible on the DataView Dashboard, including robust reporting and filtering capabilities.


  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Auto-Save & Offline Mode
  • Date & Time
  • Audit Guidelines and Standards
  • All Your Audits – One Place

The Audit App has two features based on your needs:

Program Execution

For Contract Administrators or someone knowledgeable of the dining program.  Promotes real-time alignment, assign action items and keeps program on track.

Dining Experience

For Mystery Shoppers, Foodservice Committee, etc. within your program. Excellent opportunity for collaboration and feedback from groups.